HKC K-9 Foundation, Inc.
A Non-Profit Supporting Police K-9s in Harrisburg, PA

Facts About Police K9s

A single K-9 team is able to complete building searches seven times faster than a team of four officers. The K-9 team had a 93% success rate, while the human team had a success rate of 59%, suggesting K-9s are 44% more effective than their human counterparts.

K-9s undergo an additional 16 hours of training each month.

The Harrisburg Police Department has dual-purpose dogs. This means that their dogs meet recognized standards to perform at least two distinct functions. Traditionally, these functions include general patrol and another specific type of detection (drugs, bombs, etc.). The dogs and their officers (handlers) are certified to meet performance standards.  

The most popular breeds in police work are German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds, due to their predictable temperament, size, and trainability.