HKC K-9 Foundation, Inc.
A Non-Profit Supporting Police K-9s in Harrisburg, PA

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If you live, work or even just drive through the city of Harrisburg or surrounding areas, this could be a benefit to you!

In 1980 (in better financial times!), a study showed that the number one reason a K-9 program was discontinued was due to insufficient public funding. Don’t let this happen in our area! 

One of the biggest problems in not having your own K-9 Unit is depending on another department to have their unit available when you need it. Those that do have K-9 Units may only have a single purpose dog, such as a dog who can only find narcotics, but can’t locate a lost child. 

Don’t be willing to sacrifice any more public safety…Support your local K-9 Unit!

Help to keep the Harrisburg Police Department’s K-9 Unit by supporting them through the HKC K-9 Foundation, Inc. No funds are sent to the city, so there is no concern that donations would be reallocated for other purposes.  

Funds are used to directly benefit the dogs within the Unit for care, training and equipment.  

Contact us to find out more about what you, your friends, or your business can do to help support Harrisburg’s K-9s and others.

​HKC K-9 Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 4804
Harrisburg, PA 17111