HKC K-9 Foundation, Inc.
A Non-Profit Supporting Police K-9s in Harrisburg, PA

Why Support K9 Units?  Because They Work!!
Why Support K9 Units

Supporting K-9 Units is worthwhile because of the level of safety and effectiveness it brings to the community in which they serve.  

Tracking suspects from violent crimes, finding drugs and bombs, and tracking lost children and adults, is a function that under the majority of referenced in the New Hampshire Working Dog Newsletter stated, “One team of three dogs can thoroughly search an area of one square mile in three and a half hours. It would take 88 humans to search the same the same amount of time with the same rate of success.” Those statistics alone speak to the cost effectiveness and efficiency of a K-9 Unit.

The bottom line? K-9s save lives! 

Why K-9s Work

K-9 Units work in and under conditions where a human is out of their element. The canine nose is about one hundred times more sensitive than a human nose, giving the dog the advantage in finding illegal drugs, bomb detection, evidence searches, and rescues.  

With their superior sense of smell and hearing, the trained K-9 becomes a valuable tool in not only fighting crime, but also in searching for those who are lost or missing. A dog’s speed, agility, shear power and willingness to please their handler makes them ideal to aid in the apprehension of potentially violent 

suspects, thereby protecting the lives of the officers and innocent citizens. The dog’s mere presence alone while on patrol is a deterrent to crime.